• Arri Trinity (max camera-payload: 30kg, 12/24v)

    • Universal Tally-system
    • Walter Klassen back-mount vest
    • Flowcine xArm with xReach for extra boom range
    • Locking bracket for 360 spins
    • Cables and accessories for many different cameras

The TRINITY is a hybrid camera stabilizer that combines classic mechanical stabilization with advanced active electronic stabilization. This combination results in five axes of control and enables uniquely fluid, wide-ranging and precisely controlled movements for unrestricted shooting and total creative freedom.

More about the Trinity system: click here

  • Steadicam: GPI-Pro with Volt, (max camera-payload: 25kg, 12/24v)
    • Low-mode bracket
    • Volt docking station
    • Universal Tally-system
    • Walter Klassen vest
    • Flowcine xArm
    • Raincovers
    • Cables and accessories for many different cameras

“The STEADICAM brings new possibilities to film and documentary making; and not just for master shots, it cuts well too. The percentage of usable footage is increased, and more choice offered to the editor. When shifting camera positions, the steadicam glides from one composition to the next. A static shot becomes a tracking shot becomes a static shot again.” Quote by Chris Fawcett

More about the Steadicam system: click here

  • Gimbal: Ronin 2 Pro Combo (max camera-payload: 14kg)
    • 6x TB50 batteries
    • Remote controller with joystick
    • Force Pro (Mimic equivalent)
    • 15mm Focus Rod Mount
    • Universal mount
    • Cables and accessories for many different cameras
    • Ready-Rig GS with Pro-arms

The RONIN 2 allows us to use the camera in a variety of specialized shots with uttermost control. This gimbal sets itself apart from its competitors by having high torque motors, meaning we can use a large variety of cameras and lenses (heaviest build we’ve seen so far is the Arri Alexa Classic with Angenieux Zoom). Note that testing specialized builds before going to set is advised.

More about this Gimbal system: click here

  • Steadiseg (www.steadiseg.com)
    • A Segway customised for moving the camera
    • Optional at extra cost
  • Accessories
    • Tilta Nucleus M & N
    • Wireless video:
      • Hollyland: Cosmo 400 & Cosmo 1000
    • Batteries and charger
      • Hawk-woods: 8x 150w
    • Monitors
      • SmallHD AC7
      • Portkeys BM5
    • 1st AC-case with production gear.
  • Lenses & Filters 
    • DZOfilm 20-55 f2.8
    • Black Pro-Mist filters: 1/2 & 1/4